Welcome our Newest Member!



Hoo Hoo Hoo and Thank you to all the area female vocalists who came out to audition for us, we thank you not only for the work you did learning our song medleys but for wanting to be a part of the First Round family!

After a long and exhausting search of many of the areas female vocalist, we finally narrowed our search down and selected our newest member.  Meet our new female lead vocalist Elora Eigenlaub!  We welcome her into our group and she fits right in with the style and vocals we were looking for to bring back our killer harmonies and tight vocal sounds!


We are currently working on some new material to add to our setlist that is getting renovated and refreshed!  There will be some new songs in the mix that will showcase Elora and her vocals plus we are putting a new spin on our old stuff to create a whole new non-stop mix of all your favorite kickass dance rock!

Keep an eye on our Event Page on here and FaceBook for new dates for 2018 as we fill our calendar with more upcoming shows and parties!

Once again, we welcome Elora on board the First Round Party Train and looking forward to 2018 and beyond!

See you at our next show!

Enjoy your Holidays and Thank You For Your Support!!

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